Monday, December 1, 2014

Kevin Izeah: Breaking out of his shell

Talent comes in many shapes and sizes, but it is harder for some than for others to gain a level of comfort with the amount of talent that is held within.  For nineteen-year-old Kevin Izeah of Pasadena, California, this realization of talent was not an easy one.   I think it's funny how with music, one definitely has to be vulnerable and open.  I'm really comfortable & can tell a story to an audience while I'm singing. But in reality, I'm a really shy person,” he admits, claiming that being shy is something that negatively impacted him as an artist in the past.  However, his consistent infatuation with the music industry and entertainment in general has been what has kept him grounded and charging forward.

At the moment, Kevin uses Instagram’s 15-second video option to share his voice with the masses by doing occasional covers.  After having a plethora of positive feedback, he is now looking into working on original songs and eventually moving to YouTube as a platform to share more with his followers.  “Present day social media in general is really cool! It allows so much opportunity; especially for artists who want to share stuff and introduce themselves.  I definitely want people to be able to hear & see more of me. I plan on uploading future original songs as well as covers of my favorite songs,” he says.   

Inspired by artists like BeyoncĂ© and Michael Jackson, Kevin has always sought ways to get involved in the world of music and entertainment, one day hoping to be one of the key players in the industry.  “I found online agencies that actually cast people to be a part of the audience at award shows. I've gotten the opportunity to attend award shows like the Grammys, The VMA's, and The People's Choice Awards. It's surreal being an audience member at these shows & being able to meet & take pictures with many artists that I look up to,” he shares.

Another passion of Kevin’s is dancing saying, “I know as an artist I want to include dancing in my performances. Dancing and choreography just makes everything so much better and lively!”  Being aware of the need to be multi-faceted and do a little bit of everything has been one of Kevin’s strongpoints.  After breaking out of his initially shy shell, he has used social media as a vehicle for making his dreams come true and he surely has a bright future ahead!

Connect with Kevin Izeah on Instagram:  @vocal_kev
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