Wednesday, August 20, 2014

TJ FOX EP: "The Last Good Memory"

Last time we spoke to TJ Fox he was in the midst of finding himself as an artist and had just released his first single "1000 Reasons".  Fast forward to now, TJ has just released his very first EP called "The Last Good Memory" and is now ready to show the world what he is made of.  Check out this Q&A we had with TJ about his debut EP:

The title of your album is "The Last Good Memory" and I know that is also the name of one of your songs.  Why did you choose this as the title of your album?

"Last Good Memory is a very special song to me.  It reminds me that there is always some good found within anything that is bad, that there is always a good thing to come out of a bad situation, no matter if it is with a relationship, or another part of life. That is why I chose to name the album after this song."  

What was the biggest learning experience for you though out the process of making this album?

"The biggest learning experience for me is the experience itself.  Going through the writing process, recording process, getting my first EP on iTunes, seeing what the business is about as a whole.  I have learned a lot and have grown as a songwriter and performer, with the support of family and friends along the way, as well as my producer Robbie G and everyone associated with this project that helped make it what it is."

What is your favorite song on the album and why?

"Although I love all my songs, because well, they are mine, I tend to lean towards Third From the Sun and Last Good Memory more often.  Third From the Sun is about how we, as people, as mankind, have to stop the violence and ridiculous crimes in this world.  As the lyrics read, "We are the last ones who can believe in ourselves", we are the only ones that can make a change in this world.  We need to come together in love instead of hate, and the world will be a better place to live in."

What is coming up next for you? Do you have any shows coming up? and if so, where?

"As far as shows, now that my EP is out I will look to begin playing at venues aimed towards live music and showcasing artists.  For now though, I play regularly anywhere from Manhattan to the Hamptons about 4-5 times a week, which can be tracked on my website"


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