Monday, February 16, 2015

Anouk Slootmans: Simplicity and Inspiration

Anouk Slootmans is a singer songwriter from the Netherlands who aims to deliver a positive and inspiring message to the youth through her music.  While her first performances began in her early teens, Anouk has been singing and acting all of her life—proof that she is a natural talent just waiting for her moment to shine. Anouk’s first single, “Behind a Smile” was released in October of 2013 and reached the top charts on iTunes and other digital music stores; something she admits she never expected.  From there, she went on to release two more songs—“24/7” and “Rise Above”, all of which have gotten airplay on radio and TV.

Anouk admits that while she is always upbeat and working on new material, it is difficult to push out negative thoughts due to the fact that she is somewhat of a perfectionist.  Anouk says that she is constantly challenged by herself, but that this serves as a constant reminder that she should not be afraid to fail, that mistakes are a part of being human.

Most important is that you enjoy what you do, because that's why you do it, because you love it. I know more singers and people struggle with this. I hope they are able to realize this themselves too,” she shares.  Anouk’s goal is to incorporate real life feelings and scenarios in her music so that people can be reminded that they are truly not alone in anything they are experiencing.

This method of connecting with her audience through the use of relatable topics and life experiences is something that Anouk admires about her favorite artist—Demi Lovato. “What I think is so beautiful as well, is that she's not only using her voice or fame to sing, but that she also tries to help and inspire younger girls,” says Anouk, adding that Demi is what she considers to be the perfect artist.

Anouk’s message to the world is simple and inspiring:  “follow your dreams and be yourself”.  Anouk says that the most important thing people can learn is that they are beautiful just the way they are, and self-love is the key to being happy. 

Connect with Anouk:
Instagram:  @anoukslootman
YouTube:  AnoukSlootmans

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