Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Johnny Petrop: Feel Good Music

Family first and always stress free. This is the way of life for Queens native Johnny Petrop.  Determined to become a big name in the hip-hop industry, Johnny knows that no matter what he does everything revolves around his music and his crave for success.  Johnny tells me, “The sky is the limit” and he aims to make people feel good with his music and put smiles on the faces of those who hear his voice. 

Johnny has always had a relationship with his pen and paper but it is not until very recently that this talent has begun to surface.  Johnny spent much time as a kid writing poems but this was not something he advertised about himself, he wrote in secrecy.  Finally he decided that he'd combine his love for music and passion for writing in order to deliver something beautiful to the public.

Johnny is no stranger to the music world, growing up he saw his father make his way as a musician and it's been a key influence in Johnny's blossoming music career.  Using his room as his sanctuary, Johnny writes endlessly, working to make his dream a success.  He says when he writes he always has to be in his room, it is his happy place, the place he goes to think.  Lyrics are a key element when making music and Johnny says that when he hears a beat, it speaks to him and he talks back in the form of his writing.

Inspiration stems from all over but above everything Johnny looks to his family and friends.  His father serves as his mentor and is teaching him the ropes and his mom too influences what he does with his music, he says that they have always been extremely supportive of everything he does and this is what keeps him motivated.  He also mentioned his older brother Tim, who  is identical to him, always keeps him going and is behind him in everything he does.  “Family in general,” he says is his main motivation for success and they move him toward greatness.

Johnny’s friends also play into his drive and his passion.  His team that helps him produce everything in his musical career thus far, MFA records has helped push him to be better.  Most of all, Johnny mentioned his close friend, YouTube sensation Joe Santagato of SantagatoTV. “He’s been a big influence,” Johnny said “I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.” Between friends and family Johnny admitted he was blessed to have so many people willing to help.

For someone who is just starting out, Johnny has had a decent amount of success.  Just recently, the video for his song entitled “No Stress” reached 25,000 views and he has already preformed three times at The Byre in Woodside, Queens.  He was overjoyed by the amount of views the video has gotten in such a short time, and he feels as though that song allowed him to give the audience a piece of himself.  The feeling he gets on stage is like no other, “it can’t even be put into words,” he says.  He feels free, at home and simply amazing, but those words cannot truly amount to the feeling of actually being on that stage. 

Johnny’s future looks bright.  He one day hopes to be able to collaborate with one of the greatest producers in the industry Pharrell.  After seeing in interviews how Pharrell won’t stop working his magic until he is finished producing the song to perfection Johnny thinks they would be perfect working together, “I’m a perfectionist,” he says. He also mentioned his respect for rapper Eminem especially as a kid; he used to go to his friend's house and they would listen to Eminem's LP on repeat.  Now however, Johnny listens to everything he can get his hands on, one of his favorites in the moment being the Goo Goo Dolls. 

With a strong foundation and great people behind him, Johnny has no choice but to keep moving toward success.  Always one hundred percent real and never scared to put himself out there for the world to see, Johnny has nothing but great things in store for his fans and they’re coming very soon.  “[Music] really is an art, and I’m just trying to paint the perfect picture” he says, and slowly this picture is being painted right before of our eyes. 

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Twitter: JohnnyPetrop
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  1. First of all, he is absolutely gorgeous and his smile alone lights up a room :) and second of all, the message is great yet simple for our generation.